LutinX API

LutinX API bringins unlimited data anchoring to the most powerful blockchains in the known universe.

We currently use multiple blockchains, like Takamaka, to ensure the existence, integrity and attribution of all the data that is crucially important for our customers.

The Takamaka blockchain is the forefront of distributed ledger technology allowing to achieve extremely fast settlement times.

Public blockchain is secure. In order to modify a transaction confirmed in the last ~10 minutes, an attacker would need to spend hundreds of millions of dollars in computing power—and that cost increases exponentially with time.

However, for technical reasons, public blockchain technology only allows a very limited amount of transactions per second. Furthermore, we are working to new solutions that will let us very soon access new incredible numbers for a second.

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Industrial-scale certification

The LutinX API adds a layer of transparency, attribution, accountability and auditability to your applications by connecting them to our infinitely scalable Blockchain Timestamping Architecture.

Our novel use an Hybrid Technology, with a public blockchain and full closed and Privacy Compliance System, with an unrivaled level of certainty, security and performance.

Technical advantages:

  • Infinitely scalable: Certifying millions of datasets? We’ve got you covered! With LutinX Platform and our APIs, we can process up to exabytes of data inputs per second.
  • No single point of failure: Thanks to public blockchain anchoring, all records made by our API are impossible to modify, damage, or destroy. No trusted third party will be able to cheat on you.
  • Valid globally, forever: The proof documents generated when you use our API rely on maths instead of trust. They will be valid in any part of the world, forever—even if disappeared.
  • Privacy guaranteed: uses one-way cryptographic hash functions to identify records without disclosing sensitive information. Furthermore, we have no access to the original datasets.
  • Independently verifiable: The proofs documents generated when you use our API can be verified at no cost by any company, individual, or computer in the world.
  • Backed by PoW algorithms: Proof of Work is the only one that guarantees no single point of failure.

Blockchain Timestamping Architecture

LutinX API opens a new world of possibilities by overcoming all the limitations inherent to public blockchains and allowing timestamping and anchoring of an unlimited amount of data.

Using our patent pending technology we are able to process up to 10⁹ data sets/second, extract their unique secure cryptographic identifiers, build a cryptographic tree with all this data in real time and publish the result on our LutinX blockchains. For each individual dataset, we generate and provide a proof document that is everything you or any independent verifier need in order to prove that the given dataset was indeed stamped.

We provide an industrial-scale public API so that you can seamlessly integrate your own applications. Transparency, attribution, accountability and auditability are now within your grasp.


Data breach management

Many companies are proactive in their approach to cyber security. Enterprises must audit and insure their digital assets to ensure security. Such a consistent approach requires continuous verification of data. allows for complete integrity of the enterprise’s data in real time. Keep pace of scaling your business and our technology will keep protecting you.