Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ page is specially designed to help you to understand a little more about our platform. If you have more questions, feel free to contact us by email.


LutinX is a Blockchain Platform specialized in Certification and Traceability. Our primary focus is to create a “Trusted Digital World” of identified people, companies, and Institutions for a great and Ethic World. With our technology, you can easily timestamp documents, trace the best supply chain for your needs. With LutinX, you can simply tokenize tangible assets and more!

LutinX was formally founded in 2021 by merging different business sectors (Blockchain, AI Development, Cyber Security, and Intelligence Services). We believe technology drives progress, and together we can create the future. Motivated by this, LutinX has been created to shift our traditional economy into the new 5.0 era.

The LutinX’s team comes out of the leading American, Italian, Switzerland, and Indian Universities. Our international experience is the primary value of our project. Day by day, new people are bringing their experience inside our Platform.

The founder, Mr. Alessandro Civati, drives us between different goals and markets. Currently, we are more than 150 people in 5 countries, and we are growing! If you’d like to work with us, please send your Resume to our HR Office 👉

The LutinX Alliance is an international network of partners, users, friends, suppliers and more who choose to use the LutinX platform for their daily activities. Within LutinX, people on the net can participate in a network of commercial and operational opportunities, exploiting the full potential of our technology.

With our APIs, different users around the world can integrate their websites and grant access to verified users. The LutinX APIs are currently available for WordPress, Joomla and soon for the new CMS applications, as well as customizable on proprietary systems.
Access to our network is free and the benefits increase every day. Register and participate too!

Our Platform wants to become a virtual place which different, or even homogeneous, companies can work together, and create new value from the union of individual skills.

Our Alliance aims to accelerate the growth of our participants in many ways, such as the possibility of internal networking, increasing turnover, generating interactions between participants.

On the technical front, the LutinX Alliance also addresses all those IT companies that create software applications, web, or even Smart Contract.

Access to the LutinX Platform for professional operators can also offer technical advantages like 1) a single login system, KYC & GDPR Compliance; 2) an integrated Blockchain Platform with an integrated stable coin – no need of third wallets; 3) thousands of new customers moving on LutinX every day; … and much more. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to work together!

LutinX has created a program for all the companies and professionals, who want to expand their business and take on a primary role in the technological change of the Internet.

Our Partners give life to our Applications, creating new innovative solutions to solve business problems, guiding our customers through implementation and helping them get the most out of our offer, for all their needs.

In turn, we want to help our Partners to continue to grow, offering advantages linked to our technology, with exceptional economic returns. Becoming a LutinX Partner is not limited to your current activities, but it can be a strategic advantage in your specific work context. For more information, take a look at the proper page

LutinX is free. LutinX can be used by all of us. Our Blockchain Platform is intended to offer our users the possibility to access the Blockchain world without the need to buy cryptocurrencies or activates “ambiguous services” on the Web.

LutinX is currently open to:

  • People: You can access to an international platform that offers you access to thousands of services. You can simply protect your ideas, give legal value to your expertise, use for free the Blockchain technology and access professional services, integrated into our platform;
  • Companies: They can save time within a lot of ways, using our Blockchain applications, increase their business opportunities granting “Blockchain certification” to their products, and more. Companies can share their products on new markets, meet new clients, be sure of the certified transaction in Blockchain, and be paid in real-time directly inside the Network;
  • No-Profit: NGO or Simple association can access for free to a lot of Blockchain Services, and experimenting new forms of collaboration and synergies. With LutinX No-Profit organizations will be able to promote their initiatives to thousands of new supporters and increase their participation and their support to the area they are located and to the communities in which they operate.
  • Institutions: Governments and Local authorities can support the social economy, and contribute to the strengthening of supply chains and economic recovery. With LutinX Institutions can increase the connections with the citizens, grant access to them to a lot of Blockchain services, like Voting, Municipal assistance, Billing procedure, and more. Thanks to LutinX Institutions can experiment with new forms of social responsibility, enhancing their image and reputation.

We decide to grant access to our platform only to verified users, in this way we work to confirm their identity in the law.

LutinX adopt KYC/AML procedures like the financial system, but we are NOT a financial organization. We require that each user provides identification elements, like for example Tax ID, Address, Date of Birth, Government ID card, Address Verification or more if needed.
Moreover, we require bank coordinates, belonging to the user, if he would like to access to Business services.

No. integrates inside its Blockchain Platform a digital currency (not a cryptocurrency), called LIRAX, needed to grant access to all users the Blockchain Technology.

The Blockchain technology is NOT free, and at least at the current level of knowledge, it needs an instrument of payment to allow the creation of the different hashcodes or blocks.

The main differences between a Digital-Currency and a Crypto-Currency are:

  • It is available only inside a closed system. Our Coin is valid only inside our LutinX Eco-System;
  • It is not traded on an external exchange or financial Platform. It can be purchased, transferred, used, only inside;
  • It cannot be mined. The circulating supply is managed only by LutinX authorities, and it is not allowed outside the system mine new LRX.

To access services inside our Platform you have to buy them from our shop. In this condition, all the transactions will be clear without human error.

Once we receive your payment, automatically the system will send you the license key. In the Dashboard you simply have to press “add code” button, and paste the licence key. Done! 

Ethic Lirax is an integrated eco-system that allows each of our member to provide or access services without the need to pay for them.

It is a full platform, that could be used in multiple ways:

  • You are a Student: you can obtain Ethics from schools or partners of your School/University, to use for buy Books, Tickets or anything else they decide;
  • You are a Member of an Association: You can obtain Ethics to access to services or buy products to conventional suppliers;
  • You are a Company: You can offer Ethics to a specific target of users currently identified inside our Platform for multiple goals;
  • You can become a LutinX’s Ambassador, and get Ethics promoting our brand;
  • and more!

Ethic LutinX Platform is the new way to obtain value for your value. Keep updated with us.

STAR LIRAX is a sub-account integrated into your unique LutinX account, immediately active. It is used to manage Tokenization applications, like NFT, for Real Estate properties, Arts, Intellectual properties rights and different other Application linked to this porpuses.

The access to STAR LIRAX  can be managed only by our professional partners who manage to their own Tokenization activities.
The LutinX Blockchain Platform offers the technology, but the specifics activities linked to it is reminded to authorized entities.

Our unique KYC & AML interface grants easy access to the third player who chooses us like their Blockchain Service Provider.


LIRAX Ethic tokens are not securities.

They are more a kind to deposit & safekeeping receipts, which the U.S. SEC and Other International authorities have previously analyzed the kind, and recommended no enforcement actions for their use.

LIRAX Ethics are more like a Coupon for a closed market. You buy it because it can be used inside the system you like, or for specif purposes you have in mind.

It depends on the contract who generates them, and by the legal entity who starts the Tokenization Process.

If the LutinX Identified User, has the licenses to apply a specific financial activity, he can use LutinX Platform to establish the tokenization process already inside the LutinX Platform.

It means he can make his job, and be sure of the identity of its players because all of them are part of our system (KYC & AML Compliance).

For more possibilities linked to the Tokenization processes based on the LIRAX sub-accounts, we remind to the legal office of your Specialized Partner who proposed you to use LIRAX Tokens.

We invite you to think that Ethics are not a CryptoCurrency and it is part of our Platform just because you need it to perform your specif needs, like Timestamp a document, Participate to a supply chain traceability process, protect Intellectual properties you created or something like them.

This evaluation could be different for LIGHT Tokens. They will be managed in a totally different way, exactly like the nature of the LIGHT LRX sub-account itself.

The current fees are:
— 0 (zero) % if you buy directly inside;
— between 0.5% to 2% if you use it inside Authorized merchant places.

Internal transactions do not require any payments.

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