We bring you in your hand the possibility to protect
your creative creations in a fully legal recognized way

Blockchain for intellectual property

Blockchain for Intellectual Property
Defend and claim your rights worldwide

In today’s digital world, the ability to forge, delete, or otherwise manipulate data is omnipresent. Organizations and individuals spend resources to protect and prove the integrity of their data to 3rd parties.

LutinX helps everyone track and manage their true gold, their Ideas! Intellectual property is not just for Music, it can be extended to every idea you have, from Art to mathematics, from Design to Philosophy, from Coding to Lawmakers.

👉 👉 👉 LutinX is a FREE service for every man and woman, fully oriented to Keep Safe our ideas and creations. 

Moreover, with LutinX, from 2024, you’ll transform ideas into money with our new sharing economy platform for creators, authors, and business professionals.

Blockchain data certification

We leverage blockchain technology to ensure the existence, integrity and attribution of communications, processes and data important for you and your organization. With LutinX it is possible to certify and authenticate any kind of data without relying on trusted third parties

🏆 Proof of Ownership

Attribution and audit trails that can be independently verified

🎯 Proof of Receipt

Certify that a specific recipient read your email at a certain point in time

🔍 Proof of Existance

Certify that a file, dataset or communication existed at a certain point in time

💥 Proof of Integrity

Monitor your data in real time to ensure it has not been tampered with

How it works

Discover LutinX Blockchain-based Intellectual Property Protection.
Get all the Blockchain Power in your hands, NOW.

Create an Account

We suggest you to fill the KYC Process and safe your work with your real identity (but, you can still use us un-verified)


LutinX is your vault for all your creations, ideas and innovations. Safe, unlimited, versioned. 


After the uploading process you’ll access your Paternity Certificates, Blockchain Signed, Fully Protected and Verifiable.


And now you can continue your life, promoting your creations knowing it’s protected.


👉 We offer you a unique place where collect, manage, and share your work.
👉 Proof of work managed by Blockchain technology with multiple certificates, web & pdf.
👉 Multiple translations are available for the global use of our services.
👉 A full track – in the blockchain – of updates and developments for each notarized work.

what you can do with lutinx

Not just words, but real facts.
The WIPO – World Intellectual Property Organization – say about Blockchain:

"Blockchain technologies have both disruptive and transformative potential; they are among a number of frontier technologies that could offer new ways to do business and manage IP assets."

Potential use cases include:

👉 Evidence of creatorship and provenance authentication;
👉 Registering and clearing IP rights;
👉 Controlling and tracking the distribution of (un)registered IP;
👉 Providing evidence of genuine and/or first use in trade and/or commerce;
👉 Digital rights management (e.g., online music);
👉 Establishing and enforcing IP agreements, licenses or exclusive distribution networks through smart contracts;
👉 and transmitting payments in real-time to IP owners.
Know more moving deeper in our website:

some great case studies

LutinX is for everyone. Here Four examples. If you would like to read more, click here.

use lutinx on wordpress too

Do you use WordPress? 

From Today you can protect every post with Blockchain technology, linking your wp account to your account.

The Steps are easy, The result is powerful:

  • Access with Admin rights your WordPress installation;
  • Go to Plugin
  • Add New: LUTINX
  • Download the plugin and activate it
  • Go to the Plugin Setting and add verify your LutinX credentials

Congrats! It is Done 🏆

From this moment when you create a new post or page you can simply “Notarize” them, and prove your rights on your word press pages.

... and we offer immutable audit trails​

Generate an immutable and independently record of all the activity in your document management system or in your whole organization.

Infinitely scalable

Bundling transactions makes it possible for us to overcome the limits of public blockchain technology. Furthermore, thanks to the cryptographic structures we use, all the stamped data can be individually and indepentendly verified.

Privacy respectful

We never publish raw data or plain text to a public blockchain: We use unique cryptographic identifiers (hashes) in order not to reveal the original data. Since hashes are one-way cryptographic algorithms, you can still prove that a determinate hash relates to your data, but nobody will ever be able to obtain your data by only having its hash.

Independently verifiable

Since we use public blockchains accessible by anyone in the world at zero cost, everything is transparent and extremely easy to verify while maintaining absolute privacy. The cryptographic proofs that we generate are everything you or anyone needs to prove or verify that a given dataset existed at a certain point in time.

Machine friendly

Trust is a human creation. Machines don’t know about trust. With LutinX Blockchian, the verification of the cryptographic proofs can be done in an automatic way, enabling secure machine to machine (M2M) transactions in a world in which Internet of Things is already a thing.

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