L.CARD - Prove who you are, with the Blockchain Technology

The World’s Most Trusted Business Card. It is the ultimate verification process and marketing tool, transforming how we connect with others and grow our businesses.


L.Card is a Blockchain ID integrated into a decentralized platform designed around identity. It is for companies, associations, or parties whom you work with or any business relations.
L.Card creates a public certificate (or private) that users can present to third people. It verifies both parts presented. With a QR code, you can prove your identity, your job status, the signature power you have, and more!



The complete toolkit for customer onboarding and KYC & AML compliance Validated and Unique ID: L.Card offers a decentralized and secure solution that puts users back in control of their identity via a distributed trust model. Consent: L.Card uses Smart contracts to enable controlled data disclosure. Decentralized: All the documents that identify users get stored on their device backed by L.iD Technology, making it safe from mass data breaches. A universal ecosystem: Our Blockchain technology doesn’t set any geographical boundaries. So, users can use the platform across nations to verify their identity. Trusted platform: Trust score generated by the Smart Contracts can help organizations validate users’ identities in real-time. Based on a user’s trust score, it can be inspected whether it’s a suspicious account or a valid account. User-optimized: L.Card reduces costs and it is time-efficient. As you can confirm, you can also “Revoke” or “Modify” at any time the status by accessing the L.Card. Transparent: Everyone connected to the network can trace the transactions recorded on the blockchain. Easy: No special training is needed to use L.Card. You have simple to “Copy & Paste” your QR on cards, resume, or any document you would like to prove that you made it, or who you are.

Turn you in a Sales Channel

Employees and Consultants love to share their Business Cards. Let them share their new L.CARDs.
With LutinX L.Cards your company changes its marketing approach. Everyone will be turned into a Sales Channel.

We are different, and every employee will transfer your value with a high technology product, trust-based and incredibly innovative. Your Card can be simply a QR code… a Blockchain QR Code!

Now thanks to LutinX, every Business Card will become an interactive presentation of your company, with the last data available, videos, an interactive calendar, and a fully verified identity system of your employee, partner, and chief members.

Always Up to date

Your contacts, promotions, social pages and more are instantly updated with everyone who has your L.ard.

Goes where you go

With your Blockchain QR you'll always bring with you your your business card, brochure, video presentaion an more.

Company Presentation

A special area, where place your Company presentaion, brochures, NDAs, and every documents public available.

Social Connected

Easily add pages, photos, coupons, videos and more. New social pages or whatsapp channels will be always available.

Leads Generator

Every Employee can access a unique Contact form, a personal calendar integrated into their agenda, and collect leads like never done before.

A Digital Signature

KYC & Blockchain help you be viral and increase the company productivity, with a complete Signing system integrated with every account.

True Resumes

L.Card is an interactive resume. When an employee gets a Role, this new value will be stored in their personal account, offering an objective value.

We Love the Planet

LutinX is Sustainable for the Planet, and you will help us. With L.Card you'll save more than 80% on printing costs.

Multi Connected

L.Card is the future of the networking tools. You can promote, share and builds referrals for your business. A true links on the new Digital World.

We are more!


Confirm the identity of your business partners – internal or external to the company

Use this certificate to verify the access check access to back-stage or workplaces – thanks to unique QRs

Offer quick and efficient booking and reference system

Assign them specific roles, like CEO, President, Secretary, Conultant...

With a simple QR, promote your business in various forms of a co-branding and more.

Offer the possibility to have your references at your fingertips

LutinX respects your Identity

We integrate a native white-label interface that lets you customize the public interface with your brand style, logo, and colors.

Is IP important for you? Try one of our licences – 14 days are free-of-charge