L.SKILLS - the most easy way
to verify skills

Digital Credentials issued to  100% KYC verified people merged with the Blockchain tokenization process.

Drive your business forward

L.Skills can help you, whether you’re moving from printed certificates to digital, starting from scratch, or trying to improve existing processes.

Educators & Trainers

Digital credentials become career success, driving demand and revenue for your training and development programs. Thanks to the Booklet© collect credential has never been so easy.

SBE & Enterprises

Bring value to your members with credentials connected to identified entities. Save time and money switching from paper certificates to digital badges.


Make data-driven human capital decisions using trusted credentials and skills. With L.Skills, you can attract, engage, and retain capability with verified digital credentials.


LutinX’s unique feature set gives you everything you need to make your digital credential programs successful

Your brand is the weight behind your credentials, not ours. Your logo is what your recipients and members trust and recognize.

Robust Products: Verified digital credentials transform organizations. LutinX offers the best product features and functionality to help organizations large and small meet their goals.
Customer Support: LutinX has an entire team focused on customer success that brings expert guidance, best practices, and ongoing support to every implementation.
Enterprise Value: LutinX is the network of choice for organizations requiring enterprise tools to scale global credentialing programs and meet the most rigorous data standards and security.
Create Credentials: Customized badges or templates are ready for you. Everything in LutinX is architected to make your job easier.
Promote your Brand: Go beyond your logo on your certificates and badges. With our branding options, you can leverage vanity URLs, custom emails, and branded landing pages.
Empower Recipient Sharing: Native social sharing tools and templates make it easy for your learners and members to celebrate and share their goals in a single click, turning your certification into a referral machine.
FULL KYC Process: Both trainer centers and learners should start this experience identifying themself, in a legal compliance procedure, easy and fast, for the complete verification of the process.

Blockchain Verifiable: Every Skill and Digital credential generated is 100% verifiable online, publically. Everyone can be sure of its validity through an easy button (down right on the badge) that lets you access our Blockchain explorer.


Here we present you with some badgeS available inside L.SKILLS. Immediately available for you.



The Power of Digital Credentials for Professional Associations

We aim to be the first digital credential system in Europe, South America, and Africa. With our integrated Blockchain & KYC Platforms, we are the right partner to increase your business, generate more profits and more customers for your Training Center.

Be Verifiable
Third parties can verify the status of any member's credentials in seconds online. Automated issuing lets your members receive their credentials minutes after course completion, and custom printable certificates are available. L.SKILLS covers data privacy and GDPR compliance issues, so you don't have to.

Be Viral
Use LutinX Badges to recognize members for certifications, training, and event participation. In addition, every Badge can be shared on social pages, increasing your visibility and dramatically increasing your marketing badges to your members' social network.

Build for Success
We'll help you not only design and issue your badges but also create leads, collections, and stackable credentials. And, of course, we'll be right there with you, examining your results, providing best practices and industry benchmarks.

The new potential of your Employers, skills and talent fully verifiable.

Digital credentials are issued from a legally verified organization to an identified person. In LutinX, we merge digital identity with digital credentials for a fully verified badge. Understand what your employees know.

Hiring Process
Hiring new employees is expensive and time-consuming. But, engaging and retaining your best talent has its challenges. LutinX makes it possible to create a culture of recognition in your organization that's meaningful and relevant, where employees get access to the top upskilling opportunities.

Value Tracker
Finding, recognizing, and deploying talent is the key to growing your business. Ensure you're making data-driven human capital decisions using verified skills, certifications, and competencies you can trust. Moreover, only the required information can be shared in respect of the privacy law.

A clear Resume
Every employer can collect job life experiences inside The Booklet, a unique user reserved area, where collect goals, skills, talents, and more. With LutinX, the self-reported credentials do not exist. The employer brings inside The Booklet the original declaration issued by the Third entity.

Verified Skills and Career aims fully accessible

Having a digital badge is the most acceptable way that a hiring manager can use for the recruiting process. Verified data about people know, can do, and have accomplished is the best way to ensure profiles within your application are complete, accurate, and reliable.

Top Class Infrastructure
LutinX uses enterprise-class servers, disaster recovery, and significant security and privacy protocols to ensure the availability and reliability of our services. We are building month after month our Data Center in Europe, Switzerland, and soon in the U.S.A. too.

Real-time updates
Thanks to the Booklet, each profile can be automatically updated when a new credential is earned, expired, or revoked. Customers can rely on having the most accurate and up-to-date information on the people with whom they work.

Instant Verification
Your HR officer or third parties can verify a user’s credentials in seconds from within your application. Save hiring managers time and money while increasing the value of the profiles on your site. The procedure is easy, fast, and granted by blockchain technology.

Is IP important for you? Try one of our licences – 14 days are free-of-charge