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Financial companies involved in the securitization of assets need specific and reliable data at their fingertips. The due diligence required for asset securitization (case study) is often performed multiple times, by different parties throughout the process. A secure and immutable blockchain repository for this data reduces the need for multiple iterations.

The process of asset securitization involves the collection and packaging of items (such as portfolios of residential loans or bank loans) into securities which are then sold to investors on the financial exchanges. This process revolves around the validation of each of the items that are being packaged for sale. This activity could mean thousands or hundreds of thousands of individual loans needing signature verification, proof-of-income qualification, and credit inquiry reviews.

At Lirax Project provide you a mathematically provable audit of any piece of data at any particular point in time. What’s more, Lirax technology will be incorporated easily into an existing data environment with our API.

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