I.p. HOw it works

Step-by-Step guide to our Intellectual Property Application (FREE for B2C)

Blockchain for intellectual property


We are proud to present our guide to using LutinX IP in less than 3 minutes.

The Steps:

  1. 👉 Home Page 
  2. 👉 Login Page
  3. 👉 Choose the type of user
  4. 👉 Activate your Account
  5. 👉 The first login
  6. 👉 Let´s Start
  7. 👉 Protect your work
  8. 👉 Fill Data

And know more about:

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You have to start creating your account. In this way, press LOG IN in the top-right corner.

👉 2 – The login page

Presuming it is the first time you use use, please PressCreate account” under the main title.

👉 3 – Choose the Best user type that describes you

We are working to create the Best User Experience for every user. In this way, you can select the best category that describes you, between Academic, Artist, Medical, Corporate or No-Profit, or a simple Private Account. Then, you can press CONTINUE.

👉 4 – Activate your account

Fill out the Form with your Data. If you do not know anyone that participates in our REFERRAL Program, you can use “1 1 1 1 1 1” (six times 1) as the PRESENTATION code. Then, press SIGN UP.

👉 5 – The first Log In

Please, CHECK your email. You’ll get inside of it your LOGIN -> LRX[12345678]. DO NOT SHARE IT WITH ANYONE.
Add the LOG IN (you got in the email during the registration process), Add your password, Resolve the SUM, and press SIGN IN.

👉 6 – Congratulation. You are ready to start.

Congratulation to choose LutinX. We are so proud that you choose to work with us that we offer you 33 Blockchain Transactions for FREE.
Now you can Continue the KYC Process to verify your Identity (but you can do it later). If you´ll confirm your account, we’ll add, still for Free, 67 more Blockchain transactions to your account immediately after the good standing of the verification process. You still get the BLUE ribbon, near every registration you´ll make it.
If you do not want to Identify yourself now, you can simply pressI’ll do it later“.

From now, you can use LutinX freely and start to Protect your Ideas, Documents, Music Files, Video creations, and more.


From now, every time you’ll PressPROTECT YOUR WORK” in the top-right corner of our platform you’ll arrive here.

👉 7 – Choose the File Type, and Upload it.

We accept the most used file type today available on the market, You can simply Drag & Drop it/them in the Blue Cloud, or press “Browse” and select it/them from your device.

PAY ATTENTION. Before the Blue Box, you can see the “Uploading Size” Allowed, and the “TimeStamps Available” (33 initially or 100 if you completed the KYC Process).
If you want to increase the size of your uploading file or buy more Blockchain transactions you can simply press the “arrow” icon, near them.

👉 8 – Assign the Paternity References

You have to fill in five simple steps, confirming

  1. your data,
  2. work references, including a public description, tags, and the creation date – It can be different from the signature process you are going to apply now;
  3. the modality of publication (you can choose Public NO to do not let third people reach it on our public explorer – or choose “Test YES” to set up an auto-deletion of your record in 60 days);
  4. select the main language of your Protected Work, and the kind of Licence you want to apply on it (you can change it anytime);
  5. Verify all the steps and SIGN it, directly by hand.


From now you can access your uploaded works every time from your account (press the circle-icon in the top right corner) or directly in the public LutinX Explorer from our homepage.


Access the full potential of Blockchain for Intellectual Property by LutinX.com.
Here we provide you with the main pieces of information to work with us, without doubts.
If you need more clarifications fill free to contact us, directly from the Support Zone, inside your account.

👉 9 – LutinX IP Paternity Certificates

The LutinX registration protocol will chain together all certificates related to the same project, therefore allowing users to create a digital trail of records proving the evolution of the project.

Each certificate can be independently verified by any third party without any involvement of LutinX, thanks to our advanced technology.

For each document, you can create multiple reviews of it and at the same time, new certificates will be generated inside the blockchain network.

By default, all the “Archived Review” will be accessible only from the owner, that can share them with Partners, Clients, or third users.

Every Blockchain Certificate generated inside the LutinX Platform will contain strategic and unique data, visible to everyone who will get a Certificate, and Back-End Encryption Data, preserving the Data Supply Chain. This final aspect is integrated by default inside every LutinX IP Certificate.

👉 10 – Encryption & confidentiality

LutinX offers trust security levels, growing day-by-day, due to our professionals with more than 20 years of experience in Cryptographic and CyberSercurity.

Every File (docx, pdf, bmp, jpg, mp3, mp4, mov, dxs, txt, zip, rar…) is always encrypted and no one, including the LutinX Administrators, can access them. We currently offer 512bit native encryption, and from 2024 will upgrade it to 2048bit. Only the owner can share it with one or more people, directly from his/her panel.

In the last year, we invest great financial resources in Hardware Infrastructures allowing high-performance levels with multiple processor activities, working on Parallel and Cloud interfaces.

To increase the level of security and confidentiality, from every file, we extract its digital signature that we tokenize it  inside specific blockchain hashes. In this way, we still respect Public Administration requirements about Data Conservatory, offering legal value to every Document archived and Protected in our Network.

LutinX offers Public Administration (Governments) his level of Security Solution in Storage Conservatory, allowing them to respect their Digital Regulations and Bring instantly to the Web3 world, ready to access new levels of data development with Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analysis.