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Blockchain for intellectual property


We introduce use-cases where Blockchain Technology and LutinX can support your professional life and your business activity.

The top case are:

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👉 Trade Secrets (Inventors, engineers, chemists…)

LutinX Blockchain offers an immutable global registry accessible to innovators through an intuitive UX interface. They can leverage them to prove the existence and ownership of a trade secret at a specific time.

Privacy is not at risk: when registering information on a blockchain, the only data publicly available is the hash and the timestamp indicating when the blockchain transaction occurred.

Zero Technological Know-How: You do not need to be a blockchain professional, or you do not need any cryptocurrency. LutinX offers you a unique place where all the blockchain process is integrated into the system. Just Upload your Creation, Add your data and press “Protect my Work”. Done!!!

With LutinX public interface the “inventor” has full access to its property, sharing a basic certificate confirming the registration, but the “original object is Private by default”. 

But, what are trade secrets?

They can be easily described as any kind of confidential business information and therefore come in an extensive variety of forms. 
Trade secrets recognized by courts include source code, methods, prototypes, pre-release pricing, financials, budgets, contract terms, business plans, market insights, employee salaries, supplier and customer lists, chemical formulas, experiments, positive and negative experimental results, engineering specifications, laboratory notebooks, and recipes. While trade secrets can be found in virtually every company, they have long been overlooked in the IP strategy of corporations and SMEs alike, largely due to their intangible and ubiquitous aspect and their ambiguous legal enforceability.

Today, however, several factors contribute to innovators’ new-found focus shift on trade secrets:
  • High employee mobility is a growing concern for many companies in today’s digital world. With the increasing rate of employees switching employers and taking their valuable knowledge with them, it has become increasingly difficult to protect confidential information from competitors. 
  • The ease of transferring data digitally makes this even more challenging as confidential knowledge can be transferred quickly and easily through copy-pasting, downloading, or emailing.
  • The accelerating rate of innovation and globalization has caused the patent system to become less relevant. With long wait times, territorial fragmentation, increasingly complex environments, high costs, and doubts about effectiveness it is no wonder why trade secret holders are more reliant on secrecy for their intellectual property protection. 
  • Lawmakers around the globe have taken steps to update legislation in favor of these holders by harmonizing legal definitions across states as well as making it easier to claim substantial damages if their secrets are infringed upon.


  • a “reasonable measure” for secretiveness
  • a deterrent for disloyal employees and partners
  • a strong defense against patent trolls
  • a convenient and effective tool to enforce rights
  • a UX interface fully accessible
  • no need for any Cryptocurrencies
  • an integrated KYC interface, proving your real identity
  • a public verification interface worldwide accessible
  • a certified blockchain-sharing system between users
  • a global platform currently used in more than 20 countries

👉 contracts & NDA (Lawyers, Managers, professionals…)

LutinX Blockchain offers an immutable global registry accessible to managers, directors, and lawyers through an intuitive UX interface. They can use blockchain technology to have a timeproof associated with a verified receiver (KYC compliance) at a specific time on a specific topic.

Privacy is not at risk: when registering information on LutinX Blockchain, the only data publicly available is the hash and the timestamp indicating when the blockchain transaction occurred.

Zero Technological Know-How: You do not need to be a blockchain professional, or you do not need any cryptocurrency. LutinX offers you a unique place where all the blockchain processes are integrated into the system. Just Upload your Contract, Add your identification data and Press “Protect my Work”. Done!!!

With LutinX public interface you have full access to your documentation, sharing a basic certificate confirming the registration, but the “original object is Private by default”.

LutinX I.P. for Contracts

Contracts are legally binding agreements between two or more parties, and they pervade almost every aspect of our personal and business lives.
Quite often, contracts refer to information that for various reasons, might be problematic to include or refer to in the contract itself.
The consequent ambiguity may weaken or void the contract. The promise or set of promises the contract contains may become impossible to be legally enforced, and, if violated, the damaged party may be prevented from legal remedies.
This is a quite common scenario for innovative companies dealing with intellectual property assets. The most notable examples are NDAs, licensing agreements, employment contracts, or technology transfer agreements.
LutinX blockchain may easily solve a lot of problems: relevant information and documents may be registered on the blockchain by embedding their cryptographic fingerprint – using 512-bit encryption – in a transaction and then using this transaction as a practical and convenient reference in contracts.

LutinX I.P. for Non-Disclosure-Agreements

There are numerous instances in which a company, especially an innovative company, may want to share confidential information with another party. In these cases, it is recommended to make sure that the receiving party is bound to not use the information deemed as “confidential” to the detriment of the disclosing party.
With LutinX, you can obtain 1) an Identified Parties – with our KYC Process, free of charge, fully integrated into LutinX’s Platform; 2) clear identification of what is considered “confidential”; 3) exclusions from confidential treatment; 4) a timestamp of the initial date, of the confidentiality commitment.

LutinX I.P. for  Technology Licensing Contracts

Over 80% of all license and technology transfer agreements cover proprietary know-how and trade secrets. As the WIPO recommends, a precise definition of the technology that is being licensed is required. This may sound obvious, but it is an underestimated issue that can give rise to disputes after the agreement has been signed.
Since trade secrets and know-how are not subject to registration, it is not possible to identify them with a registered number. Therefore, it is necessary to describe or identify them within the contract itself or via annexes.
A licensing contract that explicitly describes trade secrets may increase the risk of leaking information to unauthorized third parties.

LutinX I.P. for Employment contracts and Data Sharing

Rising employee mobility and strategic employee poaching by competitors mean more valuable knowledge leaves the company in the form of know-how and experience. Confidentiality clauses in employment contracts prevent employees from communicating or profiting from proprietary information related to company operations.
Also, an excessively broad definition of what should be considered confidential may void the clause. Therefore, if the confidentiality is breached, the company will carry the duty of proving that the leaked knowledge items were confidential, and explicitly transferred to that employee.
Demonstrating which confidential information the company shared, with a specific employee, is truly relevant


LutinX can provide you with a lot of benefits, like:
  • The resulting “blockchain-enhanced contract“ won’t reveal any sensitive data, while being very specific and therefore offering higher chances of enforcement. Additionally, contracts will be able to refer to any kind of textual and non-textual datalarge datasets, software, multimedia, CAD files, and/or 3D models.
  • Generating blockchain certificates for disclosed documents defines the perimeter of the data to be treated confidentially by the receiving party.
  • Licensed technology may be identified by a single blockchain certificate representing the collection of documents that constitutes the “subject matter” of the agreement.
  • Sign employment contracts, with confidentiality clauses tailored to the knowledge of specific projects. Update the blockchain certificates regularly and when the employee leaves. A simple but effective deterrent against disloyal behavior.
  • Use Blockchain Data Sharing for the sensitive exchange of information inside your company or between Partners and Suppliers can prevent a lot of injuries.
Finally with LutinX you have:
  • support for documents in any format and any size
  • unlimited, versioned, and encrypted file storage
  • convenient and secure sharing
  • a UX interface fully accessible
  • no need for any Cryptocurrencies
  • an integrated KYC interface, proving your real identity
  • a public verification interface worldwide accessible
  • a certified blockchain-sharing system between users
  • a global platform currently used in more than 20 countries.

👉 publishing (writers, authors, translators…)

LutinX is the faster and more easy-to-use web platform fully oriented to register IP assets on blockchain technology. The LutinX certificates are legally recognized worldwide and independently verifiable by any third party. They can be linked one to the other to prove how a certain set of documents evolved.

Companies may use LutinX to defensively publish their innovations and have directly in their hands a full archive of everything they created. Every single document uploaded into LutinX will get:
  • a unique digital fingerprint, encrypted at 512 bit, directly uploaded inside the Blockchain Hash (legally recognized as Immutable);
  • a global interface where LutinX-protected content can be automatically verified on each publication;
  • a single archive for each document, helping you to track every review of your work. Of course, still encrypted and blockchain archived;
  • a fully supply-chain management application to preserve the supply chain of every document, including sources, partners, co-authors, and more;
  • an integrated analytics system for your publication letting know how many people view your records or request to see your archived documents.
Why we are talking about Defensive Publishing?

Defensive publishing indicates the publication of an innovation to create a priority right from patenting. This guarantees the inventor freedom to operate, that is the right to use the innovation. However, as the costs of patent applications and litigation continue to rise, defensive publishing is offering innovative companies an effective way of securing the freedom to operate without incurring the significant efforts and costs involved in patenting. In a first-to-file world, defensive publishing is becoming increasingly popular as even older innovations may be judged patentable if no published record of the invention can be found. However, executing a successful and indisputable defensive publication requires more than just submitting to traditional peer-reviewed journals or online publications; it necessitates attention to detail that will make all the difference between well and poorly-executed prior art.

Factors such as timing, the accuracy of disclosure information, language clarity, and quality control should all be taken into account when creating any kind of defensive publication for it to stand up against potential challenges from third parties.


LutinX offers SIX great benefits for defensive publication.
  1. Timeliness – Organizations that are looking to maximize the impact of their innovations need reliable publication methods with foreseeable lead times to ensure timely and successful dissemination. By utilizing the LutinX process, organizations can minimize lead times while ensuring the accurate delivery of their innovative ideas at the optimal time.
  2. Accessibility and discoverability – A successful defensive publication must offer readily accessible to the public, including patent office examiners, for it to serve as prior art. LutinX does it. To ensure maximum effectiveness, all steps should be taken to make sure that any relevant information is visible and easily obtainable by those who need access to it.
  3. Unquestionable publication date – In addition to controlling the timeliness of publication, it is critical to be able to prove the date on which the content was disclosed to the public and from which point it could be regarded as part of the state of the art. With LutinX you’ll get a legally recognized Timestamp for each publication and each review of them.
  4. Anonymity – Some defensive publication methods provide the option to publish anonymously. While anonymous disclosures serve the same purpose of preventing patenting, they might be preferable in competitive contexts. LutinX offers the “Pseudonym” Service, so you can un-link your name from a public publication, preserving all the rights on it.
  5. Low Costs – Based on its innovative technology, LutinX allows you to Protect every Publication for free (if you are a student or a no-profit organization) or at the lowest rate price today available on the market. 
  6. Global Comparison – Available from 2024, LutinX will grant access to its Artificial Intelligence Interface. In this way, everyone can compare new uploads of Documents, pieces of music, Artwork, and more, between the ones present in the system, offering for the first time in history the possibility to make a GLOBAL verification process for our creations.

Moreover, you have:

  • Unique Timestamp, Blockchain generated
  • Proven public availability on the LutinX public network
  • Fast, convenient, and cheap
  • Pseudonym service 
  • Data Supply Chain
  • Review Archive
  • Multiple source files accepted
  • Multi-platform available
  • Full KYC system supporting identity verification(B2C, B2B, B4A) 

👉 DESIGN (fashion artists, CREATORS, architects…)

Designers need to start thinking about blockchain technology today.  Many people are familiar with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. But what most people don’t understand yet is that blockchain technology is about so much more than digital coins. Blockchains offer a new way of tracking information, and their applications are broad. Not only are they expected to pervade the financial industry, but they’re also being integrated into intellectual property, global shipping, parts tracking, digital identity, healthcare, and other systems. It’s hard to think of an industry that relies on technology that wouldn’t benefit from using a blockchain. With the potential to reach millions—even billions!—of people, creators need to start thinking about how they can use their skills to improve the user experience for all of the products and services that will be built on top of this new infrastructure.

Blockchain isn’t just a technology, it’s also a state of mind, and Trust will become perhaps the most important design element in any system.

Awareness of the importance and value of IP is growing throughout the whole sector. Designers realize that unauthorized copying may have a major impact on their bottom line and reputation. Proper IP rights management can limit risk and enhance the competitiveness of all types of businesses, from independent operators to global companies. However, designs enjoy a smaller degree of protection under intellectual property law when compared to the industrial and technological sectors. The short life cycle of some products and the low technological barriers for copycats are adding to the complexity. While the protection provided by the current legal system is valuable, copyright, trademarks, and unregistered design rights are not always effective as they can be difficult to prove and, therefore, enforce.


LutinX offers a blockchain platform “ready to go” with immutable records, a KYC platform proving the real identity of its participants, and no need for cryptocurrencies. With us, Designers can create permanent evidence of their creatorship. Consequently, associated intellectual property rights can be claimed and enforced reliably at any stage and in any country, including actions against counterfeit products.  In LutinX we offer:
  • Record of the design process. Whether you are presenting or defending a claim, a clear and indisputable record of the design process is critical in copyright and design disputes. LutinX could be used to create solid evidence for the whole design process. For example, to prove precisely when a specific feature was added to an existing design and by whom. The main advantage of using LutinX is that with a few clicks, you can get a true Timestamp, integrating a digital signature of your creation, merged with your verified identity into the HASH, the Blockchain immutable data, law recognized.
  • Evidence of use and Reputation. With LutinX you can also create solid proofs of use for trademarks. This can be achieved by registering advertising, marketing, and sales documentation to create real-time and undisputed evidence of where and when a trademark is used. Such collection of proofs of use will save significant time and money in all processes associated with renewing and defending a trademark in disputes and invalidity actions. The same approach can be leveraged to prove the reputation of brands, allowing for a broader scope of protection across multiple categories. Registering documents illustrating the market share, the geographical extent, and the promotional investments could make a difference in disputes and court decisions.
  • Confidentiality. It is important to understand that creating records on LutinX does not make the registered IP assets public. Therefore, designers do not need to worry about their creations entering the public domain. Nonetheless, they will be able to present undisputed proof regarding the timing of their designs’ creation. Confidentiality is not compromised because, when registering information on LutinX we provide you a Deposit Certificate publically available, BUT the “core” file/s is Private and only you can share it with one o more people or make it public, whenever you want.

Moreover, you have:

  • Unique Timestamp, Blockchain generated
  • Pseudonym service 
  • Review Archive
  • Multiple source files accepted
  • Multi-platform available
  • Full KYC system supporting identity verification(B2C, B2B, B4A)
  • Deterrent for disloyal employees and partners
  • Convenient and effective tool to enforce rights


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