Blockchain data certification

We leverage blockchain technology to ensure the existence, integrity and attribution of communications, processes and data important for your organization. With LutinX it is possible to certify and authenticate any kind of data without relying on trusted third parties

Proof of Ownership

Attribution and audit trails that can be independently verified

Proof of Existence

Certify that a file, dataset or communication existed at a certain point in time

Proof of Integrity

Monitor your data in real time to ensure it has not been tampered with

Proof of Receipt

Certify that a specific recipient read your email at a certain point in time

Five great example of BAAS

LutinX offers multiple Blockchain As A Service solutions, like:


Welcome to a new world of opportunities.

Total Accountability

For the first time in human history, an immutable layer of transparency removes friction from your auditing process.

Ultimate Security

No more need for trust in insiders or third parties. We replace trust with mathematical proof, and with a biometric ID process.

Strong Attribution

Track any action to its source, securely and transparently, in a way which can be seamlessly and independently audited.

Better Digital Evidence

Blockchain-based hashing and time stamping make for exceedingly strong evidence of the authenticity of a document.

Forensic Auditability

All evidence and audit trails generated by are 100% counterfeit-proof and verifiable by independent third parties.

Infinite scalability

Thanks to our technology, we can stamp up to exabytes of data and embed it on our blockchain. We also have a public API.

we offer you more

LutinX grows every day with the help of our great employers, clients, friends, ambassadors, and users.

Insider Threat Mitigation

As we further use services to collaborate – as individuals – or integrate external networks that do not allow enterprises to fully control data endpoints, the risk of insider threats increases. We are more susceptible to insiders using their accesses to tamper with information. At we aim to mitigate this risk with our proprietary technology.

The database we use is secured by a network of thousands of computers distributed around the world. Each computer commits its computational power to make the database immutable and secure. We use cryptographic algorithms to register the unique identifier of each piece of information. If this information has been tampered with, a set of instructions can follow and policies previously configured can be triggered, such as alerting a human of the suspected behaviour, or to automatically revert to the previous clean status.


Legal Validity

Digital signatures and authentication are legally equivalent to handwritten signatures and face-to-face identification in Estonia and between partners upon agreement anywhere around the world.

Recent changes in EU law mean that within the next few years Estonian e-residents will be able to easily identify themselves, access online services, and conduct business across Europe. The e-Resident ID card and services are built on state-of-the-art technological solutions, including 2048-bit public key encryption.

The smart ID card contains a microchip with two security certificates: one for authentication, called PIN1, and another for digital signing, called PIN2. PIN1 is a minimum 4-digit number used for authorization, and PIN2 is a minimum 5-digit number for digital signing. 


Critical Infrastructure Protection

Critical infrastructure protection is becoming absolutely necessary as even more digital threats endanger companies everyday.
There is no single software stack that is safe from data tampering. 

We are able to track the state of entire filesystems, servers or networks, so you always know if an attacker gets in, and you can take the necessary preventive measures to minimize damage or to safeguard the penetrated systems. 


... and immutable audit trails

Generate an immutable and independently record of all the activity in your document management system or in your whole organization

Infinitely scalable

Bundling transactions makes it possible for us to overcome the limits of public blockchain technology. Furthermore, thanks to the cryptographic structures we use, all the stamped data can be individually and indepentendly verified.

Privacy respectful

We never publish raw data or plain text to a public blockchain: We use unique cryptographic identifiers (hashes) in order not to reveal the original data. Since hashes are one-way cryptographic algorithms, you can still prove that a determinate hash relates to your data, but nobody will ever be able to obtain your data by only having its hash.

Independently verifiable

Since we use public blockchains accessible by anyone in the world at zero cost, everything is transparent and extremely easy to verify while maintaining absolute privacy. The cryptographic proofs that we generate are everything you or anyone needs to prove or verify that a given dataset existed at a certain point in time.

Machine friendly

Trust is a human creation. Machines don’t know about trust. With LutinX Blockchian, the verification of the cryptographic proofs can be done in an automatic way, enabling secure machine to machine (M2M) transactions in a world in which Internet of Things is already a thing.